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Dear Facebook, Get Out of My iPhone Contacts!

This past week I helped one of my wife's friends answer a question that had been nagging her: "How do I keep Facebook contact info. from showing up in my iPhone's contact list?"  Since Facebook adds itself to your contact list by default, I knew there had to be others who wanted to do this.  So if that's you, let's get right to it.

For iPhone'ers

Step 1: Click on "Settings" on your iPhone

Step 2: Scroll down to Facebook

Step 3: Switch off "Contacts"

Viola!  Couldn't be simpler.  Depending on how popular you are (tongue in cheek) it may take a couple minutes to completely go through your contact list.


For Android'ers

Now I know everyone doesn't own an iPhone, so here's my best shot on how to do it based on my old Android phone (Galaxy S).  If the process is different for the current Android OS please let me know in the comments.

Step 1: Open Facebook app

Step 2: Press the Menu button at the bottom of your phone (next to the Home and Back buttons)

Step 3: Select "Settings"

Step 4: Scroll all the way down to the bottom to "Other settings" and select "Sync Contacts"

Step 5: You should be presented with 3 choices.  Select "Don't sync".



If you're wondering, here are the tools I used in this post:

  • Screen Capture (iPhone): Go here for a nice tutorial (w/ pictures) of how to do this on any phone.
  • Screen Capture & Annotation (PC or Mac): For adding the "Step 1, 2, 3" annotations I used Jing.  I've found it to be the simplest software by far that will run on both my PC and Mac.  I plan to highlight this app and go more in depth (it won't take long) in a future post.
  • Photo Annotation (iPhone): I didn't use it here but if you want a tool that's simple like Jing but for your iPhone, I suggest PhotoPen.


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