Jeremy Birch

I am Jeremy Birch, a digital marketing specialist and web entrepreneur.  This is my personal site where you can find out more about me and how I can help your business grow.

The Easy Way To Control Your Online Passwords

Raise of hands, here.  Who hates juggling all the online logins we're faced with these days?  I mean REALLY hate.  The teeth-gnashing angst of not being able to recall which "easy to remember" password you used for  Or do you keep all that sensitive data in a plain text document on one PC or, worse yet, on Dropbox so you can access it from wherever?  If you know there HAS TO be a better way to manage your myriad of online profiles (I currently have about 200), I have a solution for you!


Until a few years ago I was taking the same attempts at managing my passwords as described above.  But I knew it was wrong.  I knew my methods were inefficient and unsecure.  So I did some research and found LastPass.

It is still far and away the best password manager I've found.  Here's why:

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EntreLeadership Defined

If you read my first post or watched my new intro video you know that EntreLeadership is one of the 3 main topics I write about.  But what is it, and why am I such a fan?  Most importantly, why should it matter to you?

First, a story.  About 20 years ago a guy named Dave Ramsey, who had built himself a real estate empire, had his world crash in around him when the bank called all his loans at the same time.  Several of his properties were foreclosed on, he was sued multiple times, and he came to the brink of losing his marriage because of the stress.  That "reset" to Ground Zero started him on the road to rethinking and rebuilding his life according to God's principles.  Ever since then he's been building a world-class company that teaches people how to handle money and avoid making the same mistakes he did.


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One of These Things is EXACTLY Like the Other

More and more organizations are clamoring for ways to wirelessly share their Android tablet or iPad content up on the big screen (in their conference room, classroom, etc.), but the available solutions are still few and far between.  So I jumped when I got a chance to demo a promising solution from a little-known company called Qomo a couple months ago.  It worked well, and was inexpensive.  So far so good, right?  Then a couple weeks ago at InfoComm, the big Pro AV trade show, Crestron announced their AirMedia gateway.  The more I heard about it, the more it's features and specs sounded strangely familiar.  Upon closer inspection the similarities became inescapable.

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4 Steps to Making Yourself Look Great on Video Calls, Unlike This Guy

Whether you're engaged in the world of professional, room-based video conferencing with your company or just making the occasional Skype call at home, how we look and sound on video has never been more important.  Why?  Because it's an extension of how we view the other person(s) as well as ourselves.  It's how much we care.  And if you're reading this blog, I'm guessing that matters to you.

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