Jeremy Birch

I am Jeremy Birch, a digital marketing specialist and web entrepreneur.  This is my personal site where you can find out more about me and how I can help your business grow.

Not Another Blog!

Yay!  That's what we need....another self-important blogger writing long posts about stuff that doesn't matter to you.  That, I promise, is not this blog.


Who am I?  Chances are if you're reading this inaugural post then we already know each other.  By day I'm a Sales Engineer for CCS, an awesome group of pros that design integrated audiovisual systems for any indoor meeting space.  Still confused?  Don't worry, my Mom can tell you all about it.  Mom?  Anyway, there's more to you and me than our careers.  Everyone has a unique blend of skills (learned) and abilities (God-given) so I thought I'd build a blog around mine, write w/ a focus on helping others, and see who shows up.  So....

What Is This Blog About?

  • "Practical" AV - There are plenty of blogs that focus on new technology and industry trends, but I'm gonna' "pull a crazy" and write about stuff I'VE ACTUALLY USED....both the good and the bad.

  • EntreLeadership - Coined by one of my heroes, Dave Ramsey, this describes a kind of entrepreneurial leadership that will help you lead w/ purpose in your company, regardless of your position.  I've grown to be quite a fan, and it's the primary reason you're reading this right now.

  • Personal Tech - In my circle of friends and family, I'm the geek.  I hear that's en vogue now.  Even if you're not "techie" we all have to deal with technology in our everyday lives.  I'll help you navigate the important stuff….tech that actually makes your life better.

  • Family - As the father of 2 kids life is often, um....entertaining!  Hopefully my stories can encourage and inspire you and yours.  Plus, it gives me license to occasionally write about SpongeBob (just kidding....kind of).

If any of these topics interest you, I challenge you to try reading for two weeks by entering your name & e-mail address to the right and clicking "Subscribe".  No really, take a second right now and git 'er done.  I hate spam as much as you do, so rest assured your e-mail address will never be shared.

What to Expect?

We all have lots of things vying for our attention each day, so I promise to make my posts scanable in 2 minutes or less (this 1st post exceeds that a little).  Two to three posts per week is my goal.  You’ll notice that I end each post with a question to stimulate the conversation.  Join in!  I want to hear from you.

Why Blog In The First Place?

I first started thinking about creating a blog after reading the book Platform by Michael Hyatt, former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers.  Written for anyone with something to say or sell (I have both) Michael outlines the importance of doing so from a digital home base.  Unlike the rented space on “embassies” like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, your web page is a place that you own and can therefore control the total experience.  And for many, the heart of their home base is a blog.  “It’s where our best thinking lives, the place where others can comment and interact with us, the nexus of our social network.”

The other reason for starting this blog is much more personal.  On October 27, 2003 my dad died suddenly of a heart attack at the young age of 51.  Nobody (except God) saw it coming.  Nobody.  He had spent a lifetime in Education, as a teacher during my growing up years and then as a Principal and VP the past few decades.  At his memorial I heard from person after person about the impact he had made on their lives.  True, he had a unique position from which to do so, but it still stirred within me a desire to have more significance in the lives of others.  So if anyone benefits from this blog, they have my dad to thank.

Question: What’s something you’ve done that’s ignited a sense of purpose within you?  Leave a comment by clicking the "talk box" below.